Shuttlers Digest: The Day "Unavailable" Turned a Regular Commute Into a Mini Concert!

Shuttlers Digest: The Day "Unavailable" Turned a Regular Commute Into a Mini Concert!

Hey Faves! We know that every ride has a story—be it funny, unforgettable, or even a lesson learned the hard way. This is why we've created Shuttlers Digest, a place where you can share your unique commuting experiences and read others' as well! Whether it's a story of the unexpected friendship you made, that hilarious moment everyone on the bus broke into a song, or the day you found the one during one of your commutes, we want to hear it all! We've gotten a number of responses already that have cracked us up! We know for certain you'd enjoy reading them as well. Also, if you've got a transport experience to share with us, please feel free to do so here. We totally look forward to all of your entries.

On that note! Enjoy our first story from Miss Shalom!

I was in my shuttle one time, thinking hard about what I was going to make for dinner when Davido’s Unavailable started to play through the bus radio. You already know this song is vibe, but it’s MY vibe! I started to sing along, my seat partner was also singing along. But you see when we got to “​​And I sorry for who wan (Who wan), who wan gbe my matter s'ori”, everybody on the bus had joined in!

No joke! The whole bus had turned into a full blown choir—a united front singing our hearts out to Davido's hit. The vibe was electric! You should've seen us—strangers became backup singers, the guy in the back, that always wears a hat, gave us the best baritone effect, and there was this incredible moment where we were singing the chorus and doing the Unavailable dance. Ah, chills, literal chills!

For those few minutes, we were no longer strangers awkwardly avoiding eye contact. We were a community, brought together by the power of music, and let me tell you, it was nothing short of magical.

Wow, wasn't that story from Miss Shalom just incredible? Honestly, that's the kind of energy and vibe we love to see on Shuttlers every day!

So, how about you? Got a story that can top that? We're all ears! Share your unforgettable, hilarious, or even cringe-worthy commuting experiences with us right here. Your tale might just be the highlight of our next Shuttlers Digest!

Till the next ride and storytime, Keep the vibes high and the stories coming!