A Better Employee Transportation Experience for the Entire Organisation

Looking for a reliable and cost-effective employee transportation solution? Look no further than Shuttlers! Shuttlers offers a stress-free and seamless commuting experience for your employees.

A Better Employee Transportation Experience for the Entire Organisation

Traffic congestion, chaotic public transport, a lack of motivation, weather conditions, a lack of parking—there are plenty of reasons why employees can’t make it to work on time. Whatever the reason, time is money, and late employees cost your business money.

Shuttlers helps your organisation move employees from point A to point B safely and reliably to keep your operations running smoothly.

Here are some perks of choosing Shuttlers as your preferred Employee Transport Solutions provider;

  1. Save Your Company Money

Increase employee productivity by promoting transportation habits that reduce employee commute times and late arrivals. Save millions of naira in hiring and training costs by providing a transportation program for employees, many of whom may struggle with rising transportation costs.

2.  Increase Retention & Reduce Turnover

Compete and win at hiring and retaining the most qualified workers by offering comprehensive benefits, including transportation. Build a more diversified workforce and create a positive work environment by attracting workers who might otherwise not be able to commute to your company's facility. Present your company as an innovative and proactive workplace.

3.  Technology Driven

We have mobile apps for your staff to book and check-ins. We also have a partner dashboard where you can manage all of your transportation requirements in one location. With the dashboard, you can optimise routes, track riders in real-time, schedule rides, create invoices, and get visibility into how your staff use the shuttles. Additionally, you receive 20/7 Support.

4.  Visible ROI

Our Employee Transportation Services is a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly solution. They also reduce the amount of time lost on site when coordinating personal vehicles, and solutions that are proven to help you reduce your carbon footprint.

5.  Diverse Services

Our employee transportation services provide support to numerous industries, including energy, oil & gas, healthcare, banking, fintech, FMCG, real money gaming, aviation, and construction. Shuttlers provides safe, reliable, innovative, and cost-effective employee transportation solutions, to and from your office. Our services cover all of Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt.

6.  Safety First

Our services are focused on providing safety, reliability, and value to our customers. We offer dependable transportation in clean buses that guarantee your employees' safety and reduce potential delays.

Want to make your employees’ commutes stress-free and seamless? Shuttlers has got you covered with custom solutions that fit your business needs. They include;

  1. Pay-Per-Seat

Ride-share efficiently between multiple employees. Your company has the option of choosing to cover the cost of shuttle seats that are shared with business people from other companies with nearby offices. The shared solution also comes with an option to subsidise fares; your organisation can cover the full cost or a portion of your employees' rides between home and work.

2.  Pay-Per-Vehicle

A staff shuttle solution where you’re in control and you can customise your company's commute schedule. The shuttle service is designed exclusively for your team at an affordable price.

With this solution, you can get your staff safely home after dark with late-night pooling.

Innovative Technology

We have made some incredible technological investments that will give you and your teams complete peace of mind while riding in our shuttles.

Booking Apps

We have a fully functional mobile and web app that enables your staff to book seamlessly, track their shuttle in real time, check-in and check out, and access support.

Client Dashboard

Through the client dashboard, your HR manager or transit manager can fully optimise transportation as well as view shuttle utilisation, optimise routes, track spending, schedule and reschedule trips, and generate invoices.

Customer Experience Above All

With professional drivers and a friendly support team, get the care that has long been missing from the transport sector. We have a dedicated customer success team to support you and your staff and provide you with a best-in-class transport experience 20/7, even on holidays.

Premier organisations use Shuttlers for employee transportation. Join the train today to enjoy a commute experience like no other.
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