Attract and Retain Top Talents with Shuttlers - Get a 25% Discount this Valentine's

Attract and Retain Top Talents with Shuttlers - Get a 25% Discount this Valentine's

In this era of “the new normal”, the rate at which businesses are losing top talents is disturbingly high. The high attrition rate is now called “The Great Resignation” or “The Big Quit”. Experts believe that the COVID-19 pandemic has allowed workers to rethink their careers, work conditions, and long-term goals. As many workplaces attempt to bring their employees back to the office, workers desire the freedom of remote work due to the COVID-19 pandemic and schedule flexibility, which was the primary reason to look for a new job for many professionals. 

A recent study by Bankrate showed that 55% of the American workforce are likely to search for a new job within the next 12 months. Work flexibility and culture are just as crucial as higher pay for Millennial and Gen Z employees, the key drivers of the Great Resignation. It means that employers may have trouble retaining workers in the year ahead if they do not position themselves to face the globally evolving work culture. The reality in Nigeria and other African countries is not too distant from this. Employees are beginning to demand more from their employers for them to stay

Hybrid is great, but is it sufficient?

Many organizations have adopted the hybrid work model to solve the high attrition rate challenge, but it doesn’t seem to be working as talents are still resigning in their numbers. For some organizations in developing nations like Nigeria that cannot afford to have their staff work fully remote, the hybrid approach has proven very useful in keeping teams productive in these times. Despite the clamour for full remote work by most professionals, inefficient infrastructure like electricity and issues like recurring fuel scarcity makes it almost impossible to adopt a fully remote working model. This indicates that the hybrid model is great, but it cannot independently combat the high attrition rate, more has to be done by organizations.

Recently, a LinkedIn poll asked professionals to give reasons why they had resigned or would resign from a company. A significantly large percentage of respondents had left because they got other “opportunities” that required them to work 100% remote. Other respondents corroborated this, stating that they would also resign if they had to work physically at the office more than two times a week.

A follow-up poll asked if they would have stayed with their company working physically at the office if they had access to improved welfare packages like official staff transportation options, and a majority responded positively. 

It says a lot to CEOs, Hiring Managers, and HR professionals in general. Welfare packages like an efficient official staff transportation system is no longer a luxury. It is now a necessity if you must retain talents.

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Did you know that the way your staff commute to and from work is a reflection of your organization’s overall culture? 

In this era where companies are losing their top talents in their numbers, the management of organizations must incorporate policies and initiatives that can help optimize their employees’ productivity and promote work-life balance. Your company needs a tailored, reliable, and affordable staff bus solution like what we offer at Shuttlers. As a key decision-maker, it’s up to you to make it happen! 

At Shuttlers, we offer companies like yours corporate transportation solutions to help your staff commute to and from work without stress such that they can cut off the usual hassles that come with commuting with public transportation or even driving in their cars for long hours. This February, we’ve launched a unique Valentine’s discount to show love to companies, thereby enabling them to equally show love to their employees with our one-of-a-kind staff bus solutions. If you onboard Shuttlers to service your company’s transportation needs between now and the 31st of March, you’ll get a 25% DISCOUNT and FREE ROUND TRIP in your first month. This offer is a superb opportunity for you to give us a try now!

These are some of the benefits of Shuttlers to your company: 

Improved working conditions will lower attrition rates 

-Increased productivity levels and reduced burnout 

Flexible payment plans. You have the option to take up the entire transport cost or only a portion of it while the staff pays the balance. 

Our technological expertise and operational excellence: with us, you and your people can easily manage your portfolio using our seamless app for businesses equipped with a live vehicle tracking system

With us, you are guaranteed well-maintained, comfortable vehicles driven by extensively trained and polite drivers 

Our highly affordable rates: talk to us about your transport needs, and we will offer you cheaper rates than you can find anywhere else.

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