Celebrating Customer Service Week 2023

Celebrating Customer Service Week 2023

Customer Service Week is upon us, and this year’s theme is all about "Team Service." At Shuttlers, we take this opportunity to not only spotlight our exceptional Customer Service team but also delve into how technology and human interaction combine to create a service experience that’s second to none.

Meet the Dream Team

Our Customer Experience team comprises talented individuals committed to ensuring that every ride you take with us is smooth and delightful. But it's not just about taking calls and answering emails. It’s about a comprehensive, 360-degree approach to customer satisfaction—from the moment you open our app to the moment you step off one of our comfortable, air-conditioned buses.


The Human Element in Team Service

No tech solution can replace the compassionate, empathetic service offered by a real human. At Shuttlers, we prioritise ongoing training for our Customer Experience team, focusing on not just procedural aspects, but also on developing the soft skills that make all the difference when you're looking for help or have a question. From weekly check-ins to quarterly training sessions, our Customer Experience team is always learning and improving to make sure we offer the best service possible.

The Tech Behind Team Service

Our commitment to superior customer service would be incomplete without our cutting-edge technology. So, what's the tech that fuels our Team Service?

  1. User-Friendly App: Easy navigation, quick bookings, and real-time updates make your life simpler.
  2. Real-Time Vehicle Tracking: Know where your bus is at all times and how soon it will arrive.
  3. Secure Payment Solutions: Multiple payment options that are not just diverse but also secure.
  4. Automated Feedback System: Our system gathers your feedback, allowing us to continually refine our services.

Combining this technology with our human team creates a synergy that makes our service unparalleled. It allows our team to focus on complex queries and problem-solving, while the tech handles routine tasks, making the whole operation more efficient.

Looking Ahead

As we celebrate Customer Service Week, we also look ahead to continually innovate our Team Service approach. This involves further technological enhancements, training programs, and customer interaction to ensure that we keep exceeding your expectations.

A Big Thank You!

We want to express our deepest gratitude to you, our riders, as we wrap up this special week. Your trust and patronage make it possible for us to keep aiming higher in delivering exceptional Team Service™.

So here's to you, and here's to a team—both human and tech—that makes excellence possible every single day!