Decongesting Traffic In Lagos One Bus At A Time

Decongesting Traffic In Lagos One Bus At A Time

Traffic jams stifle both state and national economies. Earlier this year, the Danne Institute for Research, a Lagos-based research institute, reported in its Connectivity and Productivity Report that Lagos State loses about N4 trillion yearly due to its notorious traffic congestion problem. The institute further stated that the loss amounts to an estimated 14.12 million hours lost by Lagosians yearly while commuting to work every day.

We can complain about the back-breaking traffic conditions in metropolitan cities across Nigeria and its impact on the economy all we want; things will not change until we all start to rethink how we commute. Before we tell you what you can start doing differently to assuage the terrible traffic situation in your city, we’d like to know; have you ever wondered what causes traffic? 


Many schools of thought have tried to demystify the root of traffic. The one that resonates with us the most is this position by the Joint Transport Report Centre of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the European Conference of Ministers of Transport (ECMT): “Cities and traffic have developed hand-in-hand since the earliest large human settlement. The same forces that draw inhabitants to congregate in large urban areas also lead to sometimes intolerable traffic congestion in urban streets and thoroughfares”. It means that the more people continue to migrate into metropolitan cities to search for greener pastures, the more the traffic congestion as demand for transportation continues to outpace supply.  Road infrastructure also isn’t built to accommodate the increasing number of vehicles. 

The solution? There’s no magic to solving traffic congestion anywhere. The government and private sectors need to constantly draw inspiration from the more advanced world and leverage technology in creating a fully optimized multi-modal transportation system. We must never get tired of continuous tweaking until we find what works best for us. 

For you, the individual, you can contribute your quota by having an open mind and utilizing businesses like ours that work tirelessly to make a difference. So, starting from tomorrow, leave your vehicle at home and go with Shuttlers. You’d be reducing the vehicle count on the highway and inadvertently reducing the traffic problem.

What do you stand to lose? Nothing! Instead, you gain an opportunity to take a nap to/fro work, spend less on fuel, network with other professionals, and even get some tasks done as you commute. 

By the way, have you recently spotted any of our vehicles on the highway? Tell us where and when, please!

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