Find Out Where Your Money Is Going - The Top 3 Things Nigerians Spend On

Find Out Where Your Money Is Going - The Top 3 Things Nigerians Spend On

As Q1 2022 draws to a close, and if you are the meticulous planner that we believe you are, by now, you should be doing some honest stock-taking. The end of every quarter is a great time to check back in on those goals you set at the beginning of the year. Based on the results of your assessment, you’ll then make necessary adjustments.

One goal that always seems elusive for most of us is our savings goal. Let’s shake this table! At the beginning of the year, you had it all figured out, you swore you would save your first million in Q1, but now it feels like million is not millioning. Your savings account is giving you major side-eye. You’ve even broken your kolo open, and it’s saying “oga mi, enu gbe”. Oh, dear! Now you’re scrolling through your bank transactions aggressively, “my village people don get me finally”, you say.

It’s not village people. It’s you! Yes, you are the drama! The real question here is: do you even know where your money goes? Going by a 2020 report by the Nigerian Bureau of Statistics, these are the top three things Nigerians spend their money on:

1. Food (57%): You Are Eating Your Money With Your Mouth!

Basic food doesn’t come cheap, not to mention those frequent fine dining restaurant visits you do on the regular with friends and family. Remember when you were taking those gorgeous food pictures, posting banging looks with crisp restaurant decor with the soundtrack “ah finesse, if I broke na my business”? Oh well, here we are! By all means, enjoy your life, but the magic word here is “balance”. It’s okay to cut down on some experiences temporarily to achieve a goal that will be more beneficial to you in the long run. In a nutshell, learn to ball on a budget if you must ball.

2. Transportation (6.4%): You Get Coconut Head, You Refused To Save With Shuttlers

As a fresh guy or babe, Danfo and Keke struggle is not for you. So, you spend tens of thousands on taxis weekly to get around. You probably are not conscious of the hole taxis are drilling into your pocket because your ride-hailing app is linked directly to your bank account, so you move around without being mindful of transport costs. Did you know that the average person who commutes between Lagos Island and Mainland daily during peak hours will spend about NGN 8,000 to and fro? Now compare that to the much more affordable average of NGN 1500 it will cost you to get to and fro Mainland to Island when you book a seat on the Shuttlers app. There’s no excuse for not saving up on transport costs with Shuttlers, where you are guaranteed the same levels of comfort and safety you get from taxis. Shuttlers is predominantly used by professionals, and this gives you the added advantage of networking with other professionals. Plan towards moving smartly in Q2 by booking a monthly subscription on the app now.

3. Health (6.2%): Health Is Wealth! Cut Out Unnecessary Stress

Decent healthcare in Nigeria is expensive. So when it comes to your health, prevention is better than cure. Stress is one of the identified causes of ailment for young professionals. So, why not cut out some stress from your everyday life? If you still use public mass transit options and argue with unruly conductors and drivers every day, you are only signing yourself up for a stress-induced ailment. Now is the time to break up that affair with conductors and move on to better things on the Shuttlers side of life. On a Shuttlers bus, you can quietly read a book to relax your nerves; you can lay back binge-watch your favourite show; you can also enjoy a well-earned power nap in traffic as you breathe in crisp air in our AC-fitted buses. All these will improve your health and add to your life span. 

Now that you know where your money is going and what may be preventing you from hitting your savings goals, it’s time to put your best foot forward as we enter Q2. We are here to help.

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