From A to B with Ease, Shuttlers’ Solutions

Owambes, conferences, concerts, and even going to work and back daily have gotten relatively easier because of Shuttlers. Find out how.

From A to B with Ease, Shuttlers’ Solutions
Shuttlers' Solutions

Do you know that going to work and back daily doesn’t have to be such a tedious task? Arriving at work without breaking a sweat is equally possible! And here’s how;

                                               Book | Ride | Repeat

Shuttlers has simplified commuting ensuring that you have the most seamless experience from booking your trip to getting on your vehicle and eventually arriving at your destination. We currently have over 350 routes spanning Lagos, and we have operations in over 30 states in Nigeria.

Using technology, Shuttlers has hacked the business of getting you from point A to point B in the most comfortable way possible. And guess what?! We have a product for everybody from professionals going to work daily, to businesses who want to take the burden of transportation away from their employees, or even hire vehicles for conferences and events. Let’s not forget event organisers or planners who want to eliminate the logistical nightmare with event planning. Shuttlers is your plug! No cap!

Now let’s do a full loaddown of our current offerings and how you can seamlessly access them.

Shuttlers Daily

This product is for professionals who want to enjoy scheduled, safe, comfortable, and affordable shuttles to and from work. They book seats on the Shuttlers app and are picked up from a designated bus stop close to their house. They can choose either a one-way or return trip. Riders can also decide to subscribe weekly or for the entire month on Shuttlers to lock down current fares, avoid last-minute bookings, and avoid seats being sold out.

Professionals at a bus stop 

How It Works

To book daily trips on Shuttlers, follow these steps;

  • Launch the Shuttlers app and click on Daily
  • Enter your pick-up location and destination
  • Select one-way or return trip
  • Select departure date
  • Subscribe to route (optional)
  • Select your trip
  • Review your trip summary and book trip
  • Confirm your pick up and drop off locations are correct
  • Proceed to make payment using your preferred payment method
  • Pay with wallet
  • Pay with transfer
  • Pay with card
  • Pay offline
  • Charge my company

Your booking will be found in upcoming trips after payment has been received, and just like that, you’re ready to have a seamless trip to and from work!

Shuttlers Business

This is an employee perk that matters every day, Shuttlers for Business enables businesses who care about their employees' welfare to provide safe, convenient and reliable corporate transportation to their workforce. Shuttlers for Business ensures that employees are where they need to be when they need to be there.

Employee at work

We operate two payment models for businesses. The Pay-Per-Seat and the Pay-Per-Vehicle solutions. With the Pay-per-seat solution, the company has the option of covering the cost of shuttle seats shared with other riders. This solution comes with the option to subsidise fares, with the organisation covering either the full cost or a portion of their employees’ rides between home and work. While with the Pay-per-vehicle solution, you can customise your company's commute schedule. This service is designed exclusively for your team at an affordable price. Currently, over 90 businesses trust us to move their employees from point to point.

How It Works

To get started, click here to Self-onboard. Your self-onboarding will be fulfilled with the following steps;

  • Provide your personal information, such as your name, email address, and phone number
  • Next, you will need to provide your business information, such as your company name, staff strength, the package you prefer (pay-per-seat or pay-per-vehicle)
  • You will be required to secure your account by providing a password
  • The next page will require you to add your office branch(es)
  • Set up your office work shifts
  • Finally, you would be required to import your staff (as a doc) or manually invite each employee by entering their email addresses.

Your dashboard will be instantly created. After this form is completed and submitted, a member of our team will reach out to you in no time to complete your onboarding. Then your team will be set to have an amazing riding experience with Shuttlers.

Shuttlers Rental

This is your go-to product for hiring any type of vehicle for any type of trip. Whether you’re in need of a sedan, an SUV, or a bus, for a conference, a road trip, or a wedding, the Shuttlers Rental product is the one for you!

Shuttlers Rental

How It Works

To hire a vehicle on Shuttlers, simply follow these steps;

  • Launch your app
  • Click the “hire” button on your home screen
  • Select your preferred vehicle type amidst the array of options
  • Enter the number needed and add to charter
  • Click “make request” and proceed
  • Enter pick up location and destination address
  • Select one-way or return trip
  • Enter pick up date and time
  • Enter the number of passengers and number of stops (if any)
  • Review the summary of your charter and send it for price review

Your request will be received and processed by a member of our team.

Shuttlers EventGo  

EventGo is for event organisers, planners, or event attendees who want to avoid the nightmare that comes with event travel. With this product, anyone who has an event planned or an event to attend can effortlessly create public shuttle routes to their events, and track the status of their event. Event organisers can now sit back and relax knowing that the transportation of attendees coming to their event is in safe hands.

Shuttlers EventGo

How It Works

  • First up, you want to make sure you have a Shuttlers account and that you are logged in. If you do not have one, kindly create it to ensure a seamless process.
  • You would be immediately directly to the event creation page where you would be required to enter the following information for your event(s);
  • Name of event
  • Event type, e.g. conference, trade show, corporate meeting, fashion show, etc
  • Event description
  • Location of event
  • Date of event
  • Estimated number of attendees
  • You would also be required to specify if Shuttlers would take the attendees to and from the event, and also indicate if the attendees will be in full control of paying the transportation cost to the event.
  • Finally, upload your event banner and click on submit.
  • Your event request will be successfully created, and our team will reach out to you once your request has been accepted. You will then be redirected to your dashboard where you can see the status of your request

On your dashboard you can see;

  • Event status
  • Request status
  • Attendee list

All you have to do is sit tight while we send out instant notifications about your route status, modifications, and shuttle availability.

With Shuttlers on your side, no journey on land is impossible, so whatever your transportation need, we’ve got you! Make the switch today that guarantees peace of mind, comfort, and productivity raised to power 1000!

Shuttlers is Nigeria’s leading technology company that provides tech-enabled mass transit solutions to individuals and companies. We help transform the stressful time commuting to and from work into a productive, refreshing, and relaxing experience.

With the Shuttlers App, Professionals can book a seat on a route, pay for seats, and track the arrival of their shuttles. Our mission is to transform the mass transit experience around the world, by building a global network of vehicle-partners and connecting them to communities of shuttlers.

We help people commute in the most comfortable, safe, fun, and affordable way possible. Download the Shuttlers App for IOS and Google Play to enjoy stress-free rides to and from work.