Here's how to get started using the Shuttlers App

Get Started Right With Shuttlers

In this piece, we would be providing you with everything you need to know to enjoy a stress-free commute riding with Shuttlers.

Having the Shuttlers app gives you access to all our services without any restrictions. Below are some benefits you enjoy as Shuttlers user;

  • Affordable Daily Shuttles: You can book a super affordable ride to and from work on Shuttlers, our fares are 60% cheaper than ride-hailing options.
  • Superior Comfort: Our shuttles are maintained to the highest standards, so you enjoy clean spaces, comfortable seating, and air-conditioned vehicles.
  • Excellent Customer Service: Our support team is always happy to assist and they are available across all channels—calls, emails, in-app and web chat.
  • Scheduled Service: To be better prepared for your trips, enjoy our scheduled service by booking your trips ahead of time.
  • Seamless process: Book, make payments and track real-time updates on the location of the buses on your chosen routes using our user-friendly app.
Shuttlers App

Now that you’re aware of some of the benefits of using Shuttlers, let’s see how to book a trip on the app. Booking a trip on the Shuttlers app can be done in these easy steps;

  • Download the Shuttlers app via Playstore or App Store
  • Register and sign up on the app
  • You can either pay directly for your trip or fund your wallet. Fund your wallet easily using the in-app payment platform (card, bank, transfer, USSD, or pay offline)
  • Select your preferred pickup location and destination
  • Select a one-way or return trip
  • Select departure date
  • Select ‘find tickets and prices’ and proceed to select a trip.
  • Select ‘book trip’

We’ve made paying for trips very stress-free! That’s why we have different payment methods to help you select your most preferred option. Here are all the ways you can use to pay for all your trips on Shuttlers;

  • Pay with transfer
  • Pay with card
  • Pay with bank (an account number is generated for you to make payment directly through Parkway Readycash. Kindly note that this payment reflects about 5-10 minutes after the transaction has been made)
  • My wallet (your wallet can be funded easily, please refer to the ‘How to Fund my Wallet’ FAQ)
  • Company credit
  • Pay offline (after booking, a reservation code would be generated for you to take a Moniepoint agent to make payment for the reserved booking. The trip ticket would be crested after payment is successful, and your trip ticket would be seen in your ‘upcoming bookings’ tab).
  • Pay with Pocket
Shuttlers Payment Methods

Having booked your trip, what you need to know to before your trip;

  • To find the details of your trip, on your Shuttlers, click on the "upcoming trips" tab.
  • 30 minutes before your trip start time, your Pilot's details will be shared with you.
  • Your trip start time/ departure time as seen on your booking ticket, is the time your vehicle takes off from the first pickup location on that route. This means that if you are not at the first pickup location of that route, your Pilot will be getting to your bus stop at a later time.
  • When your trip starts, you would be able to track the location of your shuttle in the app.
  • It is also important to note that you should be at your pick up location at least 5 minutes before your shuttle arrives, as the vehicle has a wait time of 2 minutes.

Now, you're all set to have the best riding experience using Shuttlers! After your trip, be sure to leave a rating, providing us with all the feedback we need to keep providing the best services to you.

For more information, visit our FAQ page.

Need Support?

We have streamlined the experience on our platform to be as easy as possible, however, if you encounter any challenges, our customer support team is available to assist via any of the channels below:


Web Chat: Chat with us on the app/webpage

Phone: 017000518