How Mr Ayorinde Sent His Twins To The University Using His Vehicles

Mr. Ayorinde, a single parent, found a way to secure his twins' future through Shuttlers. By listing his vehicles on Shuttlers' platform, he turned them into income generators, covering his children's tuition fees and providing them with the resources to excel academically.

How Mr Ayorinde Sent His Twins To The University Using His Vehicles
Proud Shuttlers Vehicle Partner

Mr. Ayorinde has always been resourceful. He's been a single parent to his beautiful twins for over 16 years, and had been making ends meet by using his vehicles, 1 Coaster bus, 1 Hiace bus, and 1 saloon car, commercially on the streets of Lagos for a while now, and occasionally, he used them for car and bus rentals. But as his twins approached university age, he felt the weight of their tuition fees looming like a dark cloud, and he knew there was more. It was too much work and he wanted something that could scale without being so actively involved.

His good friend, Mr. Raymond had recently been introduced to Shuttlers by his cousin, and quickly informed Mr. Ayorinde of how seamless it was to list his vehicles on Shuttlers' platform making them available for commuters in Lagos. They quickly arranged for an inspection, he needed to fix a few things, he did that and by the next week, his 3 vehicles were ready to start making more money for him. Little did he know that this decision would change his life and his children's futures.

As his vehicles hit the road under the Shuttlers banner, the bookings started pouring in. Both daily requests for professionals going to work and back, and bus hire requests spanning different areas in Nigeria.

The steady stream of income from Shuttlers allowed Mr. Ayorinde to not only cover his twins' tuition fees but also provide them with the best resources to excel in their studies. Tolu and Temi, inspired by their father's determination, worked hard and graduated 4 years after with first class degrees from a reputable Nigerian university.

With pride in his heart and a deep sense of accomplishment, Mr. Ayorinde looked back at his journey. He realised that partnering with Shuttlers had not only ensured a bright future for his children but had also transformed his business into a thriving enterprise.

Mr. Ayorinde's journey with Shuttlers is a shining example of how seizing opportunities can change lives. It wasn't long after he listed his vehicles on the Shuttlers platform that they were in high demand, getting professionals to work daily and fulfilling car and bus rental requests across Nigeria. Mr. Ayorinde's determination, combined with Shuttlers' platform, paved the way for a brighter future, proving that with dedication and innovation, we can overcome life's most significant challenges.

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