Humans of Shuttlers: Savings Hack for Professionals - Nwokeji Adaobi Mmachukwu

Humans of Shuttlers: Savings Hack for Professionals - Nwokeji Adaobi Mmachukwu

Having a well-thought-out savings plan is one of the most important things you can do for yourself, especially as a young person -Gen Z or Millennial. A savings plan does not only help you make a well-informed decision but is crucial to achieving your short and long-term goals. While most people know the importance of a savings plan, only a handful get around to creating one or even actualizing it.

Putting aside some money daily, monthly, or quarterly as savings requires a high level of discipline, especially when one’s income can barely meet up with his ever-increasing expenses. Experts say that one of the best ways to get your savings plan up and running is to take inventory of your daily expenses and seal areas that cause financial leakage. 

The big question now is, do you know the things you spend the bulk of your money on? And are there measures to cut down those costs? 

We conducted a general survey on the subject matter with some of our customers, and one perspective got our attention and we couldn’t but write about it.

Adaobi, an HR professional and an entrepreneur living in Lagos, Nigeria had some interesting takes. Here are her thoughts on how she operates an efficient savings plan.

Nwokeji Adaobi, Admin/HR Professional

“I save a lot of money on transportation”

If you reside in Lagos, you will know that the standard of living is on the high side. From foodstuff to housing to transportation, nothing comes cheap in Lagos. Having a savings plan may require you to deprive yourself of some ‘flexing’. As a professional without a car, you could either use rickety buses where you will constantly fight for survival, or you could use a Taxi which is not the most affordable option for daily commuting. Both are not sustainable ways to have a stress-free and pocket-friendly lifestyle.

Since Adaobi discovered Shuttlers, life has been good, as she not only rides comfortably to and from work, but she also gets to save up to 80% on transportation daily. “There are times when public transport fares are ridiculously hiked either due to bad weather, poor roads or fuel scarcity, but that is never the case with Shuttlers. Transportation cost with Shuttlers is fixed. As simple as this may sound, this has helped me with my savings plans and also helped to build a reasonable amount of wealth.

“The hassle of going and coming from work is a thing of the past. I rarely fall ill, and I spend less on medications.”

The popular saying that “health is wealth” is true! You need good health for the pursuit of wealth, especially in a concrete jungle like Lagos. There are so many complex issues that can pose a hindrance to an effective savings plan. Public transportation sits at the top of the chart as one of the most stressful things to do. You are left to deal with the madness of bus conductors as a commuter, and the pain of driving long hours in traffic if you own a car.

Every day is a battle for your mental or physical health for the average commuter or private car owner that drives frequently, but the reverse is the case for Adaobi. She enjoys the most comfortable rides daily to and from work, and she gets enough time to catch a nap on the bus when in traffic. “The fact that I don’t have to struggle for a bus in this hectic part of the country, is a big win for me. I am more settled knowing that I have secured a seat with Shuttlers, and all I have to do is get to the bus stop to meet up with the bus.

The best part is that even in traffic I don’t have to get all soaked up with sweat and mess up my work cloth because the shuttlers bus comes with air-conditioning.”

“I have recommended shuttlers to a lot of people. What I say to them is, they do not have to queue up or, in most cases, fight for a bus.”

One thing I tell my friends is that they do not have to be worried about the scarcity of buses during the rainy season or in times of fuel scarcity when riding with Shuttlers, and their belongings are safe. Trust me, no one does it better than Shuttlers.”

Be like Adaobi, get a savings plan and improve your lifestyle while at it. We at Shuttlers are here to help you succeed.