Humans of Shuttlers: How Olumide Uses Technology To Solve His Transportation Challenges In Lagos

Humans of Shuttlers: How Olumide Uses Technology To Solve His Transportation Challenges In Lagos

This week, we continue the Humans of Shuttlers series with a spotlight on Olumide Jegede, a product designer working in Lagos, Nigeria and a loyal customer to the Shuttlers service.

 Olumide Jegede – Product Designer & Working In Lagos

“What I Love Most About Riding With Shuttlers”

Moving around has been a major challenge for a lot of professionals in Lagos. They are left with no choice but to either pay heavily on transportation to enjoy comfort or spend less but deal with the hardship of being cramped up in tight spaces on a yellow bus. For Olumide, coming across a mobility platform like Shuttlers has made his move to work seamless and stress-free. What he loves most about riding with Shuttlers is “the comfort! It’s unmatched. It is Convenient and Effective!”

“Shuttlers Has Given Me A Boost Because I Get To Work Early And Ahead of Resumption Time”

As a young professional, Olumide is always looking for ways to beat the Lagos traffic and get to the office on time. He recognizes the need to not only resume early but also resume work feeling refreshed and energized, which is why he is keen on looking for options that take the burden of driving off him.
Having to ride with Shuttlers enables him to settle in at the office earlier than everyone, and also gives him extra hours to work and smash his daily goals before the close of work.

“Technology Is And Will Continually Be The Solution To A Lot of Our Everyday Problems.”

With the rise of tech-mobility companies like Shuttlers, technology has made commuting around Lagos safe, convenient, and more reliable. In Olumide’s words, he calls it “The literal best thing since sliced bread”. Technology is helping to erode the everyday struggle for change with payment of fares now being done virtually through an app.

Here’s What Olumide Has To Say To Professionals Who Do Not Use Shuttlers. 

“You wouldn’t know/appreciate what you are missing out until you actually try it out. You don’t have to break your banks with ridiculous transport costs and you don’t have to get home every day in pain after being cramped in a bus for hours in Lagos traffic. Just pick the easy way out.”

There are lots of benefits to gain when you choose Shuttlers as your official ride to and from work.

Download the app and start using Shuttlers to join the community so that you can meet amazing people like Olumide on your route.

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