Humans of Shuttlers: Work-Life Balance Is Possible - Find Out How From Adetunji Kosoko

Humans of Shuttlers: Work-Life Balance Is Possible - Find Out How From Adetunji Kosoko

Work-life balance is one of the burning topics in today’s professional world, still, many find it difficult to balance work and personal life. Most professionals fall into two paradigms – you’re either a workaholic or you belong to the “I can’t kill myself” gang. Wherever you belong, one thing is sure: we’re all looking for the sweet spot between career, relationships, and personal development. 

Adult life is not a walk in the park! How are we supposed to balance all of these important aspects of life seamlessly such that none suffers for the other? Mind you, whatever your plans are to achieve work-life balance, Traffic is conniving with your village people to thwart it. God abeg o!

Nobody has all the answers, but some people like Adetunji Kosoko, a Graphics Designer and loyal Shuttlers user whom we caught up with, have some very nice hacks. So, let’s get into it!

Adetunji Kosoko, Graphics Designer.

“I try to prioritize and manage my time well at work

The nature of Adetunji’s work demands that he spends the better part of his day in front of his computer. Although his workplace operates a hybrid work model, there is always the likelihood of him losing track of time. This made it difficult for him to balance his work life with his personal life in the past. Time management for him means making a schedule of his daily tasks, and with his headphones always on, he can wade off every distraction.

“Riding with Shuttlers gives me the time to get work done while in transit”

Maintaining a work-life balance is possible for Adetunji, as he has found a better way to commute while still making good use of his commute time. Rather than spend hours in traffic doing nothing, he stays productive by riding with Shuttlers. “Shuttlers has been a great help. I do not waste my precious time not being productive while in traffic. Lagos traffic no dey move me anymore.”

Getting work done on the bus while commuting to and from work gives him ample time to rest, and focus on himself when he is home. He makes sure he spends quality time with family or friends during the weekends. 

“Thank you Shuttlers for helping me retrieve my phone.” 

“I got to work one morning only to discover that I left my office line on the Shuttlers bus. My CEO called my line multiple times but thankfully, Mr. Monday, the bus driver picked up the call and explained the situation to him. The next thing I knew, I got a mail from the CEO praising Shuttlers and the driver’s performance, and to my greatest surprise, I was also given the rest of the day off to go meet up with the bus. To be honest, riding with Shuttlers has helped me to create a proper work-life balance.”

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