Improving Staff Transportation Without Personal Fleet

Improving Staff Transportation Without Personal Fleet

Following the pandemic, workers worldwide have begun reentering the workspace. In some organizations, their workers never left to start with. Whatever your organization’s position is, a sure thing worthy of note is that; staff transportation is an essential aspect of your business’s short-term and long-term accomplishments. Sadly, while providing transportation for your staff may be easy as ABC, effecting it could quickly turn into a mobility nightmare. 

Sifting Through Multiple Vendors

Complications of using multiple transport vendors

Something that renders this task difficult is the variety of vendors you may have to direct to attain your transportation goals. It involves engaging multiple organizations, liaising with different people, complying with everyone’s standard operation policy, and combining the other invoice formats and schedules into your financial processes. This shuffling can escalate and usher in various issues that inhibit your organization’s capacity to carry through and yield returns.

Costs Allocation and Concerns

After going through these issues, you may start thinking that buying your fleet of vehicles for staff transportation is more convenient. Again, this fix may solve your problems on paper, but it still brings on its concerns. To begin with, you have to check that you have the funds needed to pay upfront expenditures such as buying the vehicles and employing the staff. Following this closely is to reserve money to cover extended expenses such as repairs and replacements. In addition, since you probably are not in the business of moving people from one place to another, you would see that putting so much effort and funds into this different role doesn’t add up.

Protection And Security For Your Staff

Being able to give reliable staff transportation requires bringing forward SAFETY. Staff wants to move to work in both safe and reliable vehicles that are habitually maintained and driven by expert drivers who are knowledgeable about the plied routes.

80 billion Nigerian Naira; Cost of RTA Each Year

As seen in this article on Road Traffic Accidents, published by the National Library of Medicine, about 80 billion naira is lost to RTA annually. Hazardous or unfit vehicles and irresponsible drivers will more often than not cause some form of accident or injury. One sure thing is that no matter where you are based, transportation-based accidents will cost your organization significantly over time if left undiscussed.

A Safe and Affordable Staff Transportation Solution

Granted that working with external vendors can be complex, the perfect collaborator would indefinitely help minimize expenditure, optimize prompt arrival quota, enhance security, and help to curb organizational and financial overheads. 

It’d favor you if you used an all-encompassing staff transportation fix that solves all your logistics needs. It helps you merge all of those vendors into one easy-to-handle relationship. Most likely, one person to speak to, one bill to pay, and one organization to ring up if anything needs to be checked or addressed.

Shuttlers was birthed out of the mounting needs of organizations just like yours. The longing to deliver reliable and affordable staff transportation without taking on the enormous quotation that comes with having possession of and maintaining your fleet. This is attained by offering you our fleet (in collaboration with our bus partners, considering that we are asset-lite) of safe and reliable vehicles to transport your staff to and from work daily.

One of the best things to note about Shuttlers is our ability to work with your current size progressively as the company increases. We can work directly with your company to guarantee that everything relating to staff transportation is sorted out. Shuttlers is prepared to send out more vehicles for your staff, create routes that suit their needs, and work around your current standpoint. 

Ready To Reform Your Staff Transportation Roadmap?

If you indeed are ready to turn your staff transportation roadmap around, we would love to be the company that helps you do just that. Book a One on One Consultation with a member of our team, and we will work to get a grip on your current position and propose to you a tailored solution plan that adequately suits your needs.

In our partnership, we will make sure your staff move to and fro safely and on schedule so you can pay attention to targets and projects that are fundamental to your venture. 

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