Making The Most Of “The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year"

Making The Most Of “The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year"

It’s that time of the year again! The trees are up, lights dazzling, and hearts ripe with excitement about the activities lined up for the next couple of weeks. After a year of working hard, finally, it’s Detty December! 

In the end-of-year season, it’s easy to be drowning in a pool of merriment but still feel unexcited, lonely and downright bored. But not to worry, we at Shuttlers HQ are here to make sure that your end-of-year celebration this year is the most wonderful one you’ve had in a while. We have put together the following pointers to help you be more intentional about how you spend this season:

Start With Kindness

Be someone’s Santa Claus this season. Little sprinkles of kindness here and there will go a long way in getting you pumped up for the season. You do not have to break the bank; something as simple and meaningful as gifting a friend a round trip or a month’s subscription on the Shuttlers app should suffice. Don’t we all feel better when we see someone happy because of something nice we have done for them?

Prioritise Quality Time With Family And Friends

As you get a much-deserved break from work, now is the time to create special memories with family and friends. Make a list of those with whom you’d like to create special memories and plan something fun together. It could be anything from a house party to a beach party, a picnic or even a weekend getaway to a resort. If you do decide to visit a resort centre or any other exciting tourist site in Lagos, be sure to make Shuttlers your transportation partner so that you can relish the moments without having to worry about your movement to and fro. Our charter services are flexible, comfortable and very affordable.

Don’t Put Off R & R

Rest and Recuperation should form a crucial part of your end-of-year to-do list. “Outside” is fun, but it’s okay to stay inside and catch up on your favourite series, sleeping, reading a book, or simply doing nothing. In only a couple of days, you’d hit the ground running to achieve your goals for the new year, so take some time to refresh yourself. Don’t be afraid to turn down invitations and cancel some plans to make out some “me time”. Your health and bank account will be better off for it. And if you feel up to splurging, check into a nice hotel, book a spa session, massages are great too! 

Plan For The Coming Year

We know you’ve heard this so many times, and that is because it is too important. It is different from the infamous new year resolutions- it’s simply a written down plan that helps you set the tone for the year. Your plan for the year should be all about you, do not submit to external pressures. Be sincere with yourself and ensure your plans are SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound. When planning, consider the big things and the little details as well.

For instance, if you plan to get a promotion at work, you might want to look into seemingly small but significant things like how you commute to and from work. Arriving early at work, improving productivity and putting in your best effort always should be a crucial part of your plans. One sure way to achieve this is to book a month’s subscription ahead on the Shuttlers app so that you don’t have to worry about having to stand for hours on end at bus stops and arriving at work late and fatigued.

On that note, all of us at Shuttlers wish you and yours a fantastic holiday. Have fun and stay safe!

The Shuttlers team showing off paintings created during the 2021 end of year get together.

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