Shuttlers and Vesti Join Forces

Shuttlers and Vesti Join Forces

Shuttlers and Vesti have entered into this one-of-a-kind collaboration to offer our users more value and reward their patronage.

Vesti is a fintech leader, providing immigrants with global access to financial services!

Through promotional activities, this partnership aims to get our users excited and give them something back.

To kick things off on a high note, all Vesti users will get 50% off their first ride with Shuttlers! This whopping discount is available on the Vesti app, so hurry and download the Vesti app now!

The second phase of this partnership offers all Shuttlers users a 25% discount code for travel advisory on "Education Pathways." Watch out!

Now is the best time to install the Shuttlers and Vesti apps if you don't already have them. Click the links below to install the apps:



This partnership proves our dedication to enriching the lives of our users both now and in the future.

In addition to offering you the best deals we can, we look forward to doing more great things with Vesti.

Shuttlers, Nigeria's leading tech-enabled, scheduled mass transit company is redefining the stressful and inefficient transportation narrative in cities and transforming it into a productive and stress-free experience for individuals, professionals, and corporates who want to move with purpose and comfortably.

We are focused on addressing the issue of inefficient transportation infrastructure and costs in Africa’s urban cities. Through our technology solutions, we provide a digital platform that enables bus ride sharing, targeted at individuals, professionals, and companies looking for smarter mobility options.