Shuttlers Company Retreat: Going Into The Next Level With Positive Vibes, Stronger Bonds and Renewed Inspiration

Shuttlers Company Retreat: Going Into The Next Level With Positive Vibes, Stronger Bonds and Renewed Inspiration

After weeks of rigorous strategic planning, crossing the Ts, and dotting of Is, bags were packed as all roads led to the location of the Shuttlers 10x retreat. Everyone was excited, and the mood was exhilarating as the team arrived in batches, of course, aboard Shuttlers’ buses!

Following the recent raise of a $1.6m seed funding, the retreat was crucial in getting the Shuttlers team aligned with the next level of the business whilst preparing all for the work ahead. It was an avenue for the team to meet and exchange ideas with some of the investors who participated in the funding and industry thought leaders.

Since the funding, a lot of structural changes have happened. New talents have joined the team, improved technological tools introduced as well as other positive developments. Hence, team bonding and cultural immersion were some of the more important goals for the retreat. It is safe to say these goals were met by the end of the retreat, going by the feedback of some participants like Dapo Oloko, Shuttlers’ social media manager: “the positive vibes and bonding with colleagues was my favourite part”.

The event started on such a high note as everyone introduced themselves and revealed previously unknown personal details that others found interesting, amusing, and shocking. Up until the retreat, no one knew that some of their colleagues were avid dog lovers, tattoo enthusiasts, and body piercing fanatics. No one also thought that some shuttlers team members could out-sing some popular singing talent show winners. Shuttlers’ got talent! The introductions were followed by a brilliant introductory presentation by the CEO, Damilola Olokesusi as she set the tone for other presentations to come.

The presentations were engaging and eye-opening as the facilitators delivered with excellence. Presentations on excelling at work, self-discovery, work-life balance, money management, personal branding, co-creation and proper communication held everyone spell-bound over the two days. For Martins Iyama, the Quality and Compliance Manager: “The presentations were an eye-opener as they exposed certain areas that I needed to work on to become a better me. It was also an opportunity to learn new skills. The power of having written goals by Damilola, asking more questions while communicating by Adim, and learning to take a break and breathe by Bukola was the part of the presentations that resonated with me the most”.

For many like Onwujuba, a sales manager with a bubbly personality, “the games and opportunity to bond with colleagues” was her favourite part of the retreat. She is one of the many participants who won amazing prizes for participating and winning in intellectual and physical games like quizzes, personality tests, product development tests, puzzles and pass-the-ball. One element that fostered bonding and heightened the experience for all was the availability of delicious cuisines. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner were full of laughter, banter and jokes.

Stars were born during the “Shuttlers’ Got Talent” talent show. Shuttlers’ product manager and upcoming recording artist, Ajit Daodu, got yet another opportunity to showcase his sonorous voice. He was given a run for his money by Dapo Oloko and  Temitope Adelu, a customer experience representative who came first and second place to the surprise and pleasure of all. Ifeyiolisa Onwujuba was a delight to watch as she eloquently delivered spoken words.

Head of Sales and Growth, Ebuka Obijiaku played host at the dinner event that marked the end of the retreat. Trooping out in suits that will make even James Bond green with envy, the men of Shuttlers arrived at the pool-side event, ready to mingle and party hard! The ladies were a sight for sore eyes as they came out glistening in outfits that were fit for the Grammy’s red carpet. After a long night of karaoke, dancing and awards, the team retreated to their rooms in high spirits. What a beautiful end to the weekend! 

Fun, insightful, and awesome are some of the words participants used to describe the overall experience. Many left the venue with resolutions to “learn to communicate better, collaborate more, push boundaries”, “ be more intentional in approach to deliverables”, and “pursue knowledge and growth with excellence as a benchmark”.

Cheers to Shuttlers 10x!

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