Shuttlers Digest: From Rainy Blues to Smooth Rides—Why I'll Never Go Back to Public Transport!

Shuttlers Digest: From Rainy Blues to Smooth Rides—Why I'll Never Go Back to Public Transport!

Hey Faves! We are here again, and this time it's with tales from Tommy! This one reminds us that there are still kind people in the world. Enjoy!

I can swear that my village people were out for me on the day this happened to me!

I had an interview in Victoria island, and I was coming from Ilupeju. I needed to enter 3 vehicles to get there. The first vehicle I entered was good. Nothing significant happened. But you see the second and third buses ehn! As I was coming down from the second one, my pants tore! Asin it ripped at the butt! To top it off, it had started to rain, heavy!

So picture this, I'm beaten by the rain, like drenched-to-the-bone level. My pants are torn, which made me look like I auditioned for a zombie film and didn't get the part.

But my village people were not done with me yet! I found myself sandwiched between a lady carrying fish (the "fresh catch of the day" scent was a bit too much) and another person who was, let's just say, not fresh as a daisy in the third bus.

I almost forgot to add that my fellow seat mate that paid for one seat just like I did, was sitting like she paid for three! I sha got to my destination.

But Oh boy! Thankfully, my interviewers were the real charmers! They got me a sweater to tie on my waist, a towel to dry my body, a hot cup of tea to keep warm, and gave me 30 minutes to get myself together!

But ever since I switched to Shuttlers, my worst fear is missing the shuttle. That's it. No rain-soggy pants, no fishy neighbors, and definitely no fights over seat real estate.

Now, I travel in peace, comfort, and dignity—things that are hard to put a price tag on.

Tommy's story is an emotional rollercoaster from start to finish! Rain-soaked pants, torn at the worst possible spot, and a 'fragrant' ride—it sounds like a script for a comedy of errors. But it's heartwarming to know that kindness still exists.

His tale serves as a gentle reminder for all of us: bad days happen, but they also pass. Switching to Shuttlers means you've chosen a more controlled, less chaotic way to move through the world—because let's face it, life dishes out enough surprises on its own!

Do you have your own "tales from the bus" that have left you grateful for the Shuttlers experience? We'd love to hear from you!

Until then, stay dry, stay cozy, and always travel in style with Shuttlers.