Shuttlers Update: Sparkling New Updates You Would Love!

Shuttlers Update: Sparkling New Updates You Would Love!

Since Shuttlers launched in 2015, we have consistently released new updates as we constantly think of new ways to improve your commute experience, one feature at a time.

What’s New on the Shuttlers App? 

  1. Offline Booking 
  2. Favourite routes 
  3. Social log-in
  4. Shuttlers Story

Offline Booking

Most commercial transactions in Nigeria rely heavily on cash. It has been estimated, in fact, that more than 95% of commercial transactions in the country are cash-dependent—this fueled our decision to introduce this feature. 

With the offline feature, you’re able to make a trip booking on hold. This simply means making an inactive booking reservation with a 20-minute time limit for payment. When payment is done, the ticket becomes active, or live. When the payment is not made, the ticket expires and the reservation is cancelled. 

Favourite Routes

This feature allows our customers to add their frequently booked routes to “Favourite Routes” to speed up the booking process.

Social Login

With this feature, you’re able to create an account or sign in using your previously existing Google account and Apple ID. Talk about seamless service!

Shuttlers Story 

This feature drives the Shuttlers Reverse Campaign. It shows the 2022 Year in Review—users are able to see their favourite routes, the total number of completed trips in 2022, the total distance travelled, the total amount saved on transportation, and the total amount of CO2 emissions saved, all in 2022. 

Run off to update your Shuttlers app right away! It’s available for both iOS and Android.

Are there any extra features you would like to see on the Shuttlers App? We just might include it in our next update and credit you for the ideas. 

Shuttlers is a Nigerian mobility company that’s tackling the transportation challenges in metropolitan cities, leveraging technology. Our mission is to transform the way people commute around the world, by building a global partner network and connecting communities of Shuttlers like we are presently doing in Lagos, Nigeria.