Unforeseen, But Workable Transportation Issues

Unforeseen, But Workable Transportation Issues

Organizational safety is paramount. According to a recent survey, road traffic accidents are Nigeria’s third-leading cause of fatalities overall, in terms of injuries and deaths, and the most common cause of disability. The same study also found that about 80 billion naira is lost to the RTA annually. 

As expected, these accidents and hold-ups can cause significant stress on a business (especially when staff runs late). Nonetheless, being ready and having a means to action these hold-ups can make all the difference. 

Also, while commuting can be packed with a series of “unforeseens,” your business can keep running like clockwork efficiently. Here are a couple of ways to improve your staff transportation system.

Examining Transport Safety Risks

For instance, what happens when there’s a continuing issue with invariable employee arrival times? Failing to plan and handle these unexpected occurrences adequately could adversely influence your staff, organization, and bottom line. 

Inescapably, unforeseen transportation issues will arise—as they are unavoidable in any region with incessant traffic levels. Generally, most road accident fatalities in Nigeria are related to speed, red light crossings, and not obeying traffic rules.

Consequently, if the driver of your staff vehicle does not understand the road signs, getting into accidents could be sure. This will cause a domino effect of issues for your organization.

On the contrary, mass transportation fleets with qualified drivers will increase efficiency, safety, and the perceptibility of staff. Therefore, it is vital to put in place a staff transport fix that can provide live updates on trips, probable delays, and arrival times.

Safe Vehicles Are More Reliable 

Something else to take into consideration is the safety of these vehicles. With the help of qualified drivers, mass transportation will also curb the number of impaired drivers on the road and probably reduce unforeseen delays. 

Does your present fleet partnership have an emergency plan? Is there a standby vehicle ready to go instantly? If not, your staff may be left high and dry for hours waiting to be aided. They may not make it to work or be completely unuseful when they get to the office. Additionally, if your organization’s leaders do not see these issues, it may cause increasing issues.

At the same time, your company and staff are entitled to fleets that go through regular spot checks and are fully ready to provide buffers in the unfortunate event that there is an unavoidable breakdown during the daily commute to make sure that the staff does not miss out on valuable work time. 

You never know when a vehicle will break down, but constant maintenance and checks are imperative to keep roads safe and reliable. Therefore, you must partner with a sustainable mobility company in your best interests.

Adapting to Road Repair Delays and Accidents 

Something else to note is the array of available routes for your staff transport. For some companies, your staff may be close. For others, it may involve longer travel time, and it may be more and more disruptive to experience delays such as road maintenance or an accident. 

Therefore, it’s important to note that car accidents are unavoidable and always cause hold-ups. A congested highway can become a parking lot quickly if an accident closes a lane or two down. Your transportation partner must know diverse routes to and from your office building. 

When there is news of an upcoming delay or hold-up, they can maneuver to an alternative path and ease off the time lost. For staff considering which fix to choose, a mobility partner with more routes and access to live information or updates will be paramount for daily operations.


Nonetheless, staff transportation would always pose particular and unanticipated problems. As a business owner, you would not have the luxury of time to resolve them on your own. The fix is to partner with a mobility vendor that can use technology to anticipate these issues and fix them promptly. Combined, you can secure smooth running operations by bringing your entire staff to work on time each day and safely.

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