What You Need To Know About Shuttlers Transport Solution For Businesses

What You Need To Know About Shuttlers Transport Solution For Businesses

With millions of Nigerians having to use popular mass transit options like danfo to get to their various workplaces and destinations, public transportation in cities like Lagos have become increasingly unfavorable and inconvenient. Commuters are faced with the challenges of overcapacity, theft, harassment, and also long wait times at their bus stop.

In addressing these challenges, Shuttlers provides a transport solution that helps professionals transform the stressful time journeying to and from work into a productive and stress-free experience. Our mission is to transform the way people move around the world, by building a global partner network and connecting communities of Shuttlers. With our technology features, users can pre-book a seat on one of our buses along scheduled routes, thereby reducing the issue of overcrowding and long wait times. 

Our Corporate Packages

Shuttlers understand the specific needs that come with providing a transport solution for employees. Over the years, we have curated shuttle packages that differentiate us from regular staff bus service providers. These packages include;

Exclusive Package  

Our Shuttle service is made exclusively available to company staff at an affordable price and is efficiently delivered through our varied technology platforms (iOS, Google Playstore, and web).

Ride-sharing Package

The shuttle service is shared by professionals from different companies with similar office locations. Here, Professionals or companies pay per seat, charter half or a quarter of the bus.

Subsidized Package

Companies can offer the Shuttlers for business transport solution to their staff at reduced cost by subsidizing the total amount. They can choose to pay between 10% – 90%  of the monthly transportation cost of their staff. An estimated amount based on agreement with the organization will be credited into the staff wallet every month, while the staff then pays the balance to continue using the service for that month.

Vehicles For Hire

We provide state of the art vehicles under our vehicle hire arrangement to individuals or groups, companies, families, schools etc. This service is in the form of short term, and long-term hire. We also give our clients the flexibility of having a vehicle once it is scheduled at affordable rates.

The Shuttlers Ecosystem

Shuttlers Ecosystem


We have highly trained and certified drivers with an average of 5 – 10 years driving experience (LASDRI). All drivers on the Shuttlers platform undergo quarterly psychometric tests.


 We operate fully air-conditioned, neat and comfortable Coaster and Hiace buses, and our vehicles are monitored and vetted daily to ensure 100% compliance with safety standards.


 Shuttlers is a technology-driven mobility company that leverages modern software solutions to provide a comfortable and convenient transportation for our clients. 

We have a fully functional web and mobile app, and the mobile app is available on both Google and Apple Playstore. Users can register, book and track real-time updates on the location of the buses on their chosen routes directly on the mobile app or on the website. 

Main features on the Shuttlers App includes:

  1. Trip bookings – Users can book a one-way, return, subscription and charter trip on the Shuttlers App. For bookings to be complete, the user must select a departure date, and a pick up and drop off location.
  2. User wallet funding – Payment is made using a wallet system allocated to every user upon registration. The user can then fund his/her wallet using the preferred payment option.
  3. Live tracking of vehicles – Users can track their shuttle once the trip has started by simply clicking on ‘My Bookings’. This automatically takes you to your active trip which then shows you your bus location and its Earliest time of arrival.
  4. Driver and trip rating – Users get to rate, and give feedback about their trip and driver after every ride.
  5. In-app chat with a Shuttlers agent – Our customer support team is readily available to respond to inquiries, complaints or requests directly on the app.

It is worth noting that every single time our buses are on the road, we are also helping to reduce carbon emission globally. With the help of our users, we are glad to announce that we have contributed to saving 15 million pounds in carbon emission in Q1 of 2022.

If our service interests you, we would like to engage you in a demo sometime this week or in the coming week; on how our employee transport solution works, and how it optimizes employee productivity. Book a Demo here

Download the Shuttlers app for iOS and Android and experience safe, fast comfortable and affordable commuting today!