From Chaos to Comfort: A Fresh Graduate's POV

In Lagos' hustle, Mofope found sanctuary in Shuttlers. No more Danfo surprises—just a reliable, comfortable, and cost-effective journey. Discover the smart way to move!

From Chaos to Comfort:  A Fresh Graduate's POV

Everybody has a tale to tell when it comes to moving around, especially in the city of Lagos. This week we handed over our pen to Mofope to share hers, and boy was it such a read. We figured you'd love to read it as well, and so we decided to share. The next "voice" you'd be "hearing" would be Mofope's. Enjoy.

After graduation, the dreaded question lingered like a relentless shadow over myself and other fresh graduates: "What's next?" I had just escaped the clutches of academics, and it felt too soon to face the daunting reality of job hunting.

After sending out over a thousand job applications, I finally reached my preferred role's final interview stage. The catch? The office was at VI Lagos, while I live in the neighbouring city of Ibadan. My father suggested staying with my aunt in Surulere, and with a sigh of relief, I decided to travel to Lagos in pursuit of a new opportunity.

The interview day arrived, and the nerves were undeniable. My loving father offered to drive down to Lagos and back home. The interview was great, and I landed the job. Finally, the mind-boggling question of “what’s next” was answered. I had secured a job.

My aunt was kind enough to let me stay at her house until I found my feet in Lagos. With joy, I packed my bags, said my goodbyes to my loved ones and I was on the train to start a new chapter of my life. I patiently anticipated the first day of work as a Corporate babe. Little did I know that the journey to my first day of work would be a tale worth sharing.

As it was my first day, I had to dress to kill. My aunt dropped me off at the bus stop and I boarded the infamous Danfo bus, a symbol of Lagos' bustling chaos. It was a packed, hot ride, with no room to breathe, let alone prepare for the day ahead. As the bus manoeuvred through Lagos' notorious traffic, I could feel my anxiety mounting. This was not how I had envisioned the start of my career.

As we approached the midpoint of the Third Mainland Bridge, - there was a sudden, loud noise. Panic and confusion filled the bus. The cause of the commotion became evident - the front tire of the danfo had burst. The passengers quickly rushed out of the bus, while this was happening - my dress caught on the steel frame of the hard bus seats. I checked the damage - it wasn't catastrophic, but it added to the day's growing list of misfortunes. At that moment, the only desire in my heart was to return home, but the tear, though inconvenient, wasn’t enough to stop me.

We waited impatiently for the conductor and the vulcanizer to repair the tire, all the while knowing we couldn't abandon the bus since we had already paid our fare. The half-hour crawled by before we could finally resume our journey. To make things even more charming, my dress was now sticking to me like glue thanks to all the sweat.

Later, as I hopped onto another bus from Obalende to Victoria Island, I encountered something extraordinary. A passenger came in with a ram! A whole ram! It was tucked away in the back, but trust me, the smell was unmistakable.

By the time I arrived at the office, I was nearly 20 minutes late, and my appearance resembled that of someone who had just engaged in a battle against a thousand soldiers. My eventful morning had left me feeling not-so-great on my first day of work, serving as a testament to the unpredictable nature of life in Lagos.

After my first chaotic experience, while ranting to my cousin about it, she told me how she moves around - Shuttlers. It piqued my interest, and I decided to give it a try on the very next workday.

The morning I switched to Shuttlers, my life literally took a turn for the better. I booked my ride in advance, and to my delight, a clean, air-conditioned bus pulled up at the scheduled time. Gone were the days of scrambling to find a seat in a crowded Danfo bus or enduring the heat. It was a breath of fresh air, quite literally.

Shuttlers provided a convenient solution for my daily work trips. I could proactively plan and reserve my rides for the entire week, ensuring a seamless journey to and from the office without the need to navigate the uncertainties of securing a seat in a Danfo. The cost-effectiveness of Shuttlers was also of great advantage for a young graduate like me. I could enjoy the most comfortable ride, all within a budget-friendly rate.

There you have it, another convert. Keep spreading the word about Shuttlers, let's ensure that professionals get to work in the most stress-free and affordable way possible. Shuttlers is truly the smart way to move.

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