Humans of Shuttlers: How Kiitan Manages To Stay Mentally Alert Despite The Lagos Traffic Stress.

Humans of Shuttlers: How Kiitan Manages To Stay Mentally Alert Despite The Lagos Traffic Stress.

If you are a Lagos resident and you wonder why you’re always stressed, burned out or exhausted, this is because, as a commuter, you are forced to deal with the hardship of the horrible traffic conditions, which in itself takes its toll on your mental and physical health. According to JCDecaux Grace Lake, It is estimated that Lagosians spend an average of 30 hours in traffic weekly.

As an organization that set out to tackle the transportation challenges people face in metropolitan cities, we reached out to members of the Shuttlers community to get insights into their daily lives and how they manage the Lagos traffic stress. Among the many reports we received, Kiitan Oladosu stood out the most, and for that, we have selected him as our spotlight for the week. 

Kiitan Oladosu is a creative designer who works in Lagos, Nigeria with a great interest in football and sports. What fascinated us about him was his explanation of how he handles the pressures from work, his individual responsibilities, and goals, as well as the Lagos traffic stress of commuting to work daily.

Kiitan Oladosu

 Kiitan Oladosu – Creative Designer working In Lagos

“The Fact That I Can Sleep In An AC Tight Vehicle Without Worry Is A Major Win.”

Kiitan being an enthusiast about life places premium value on his peace of mind and makes sure he declutters his mind daily. This is why for him, having a sound sleep cannot be overemphasized, and for every time he is unable to catch a good rest at night, he compensates with a quick nap on his way to work. “Shuttlers have provided the possibility for me to feel relaxed despite heavy traffic en route to my office and back.”

The joy for him is knowing that he doesn’t have to worry about navigating his way around the streets of Lagos, searching for the fastest possible route home.

“The Proper Way Is To Revert To The Basics. Get Lots Of Rest. Sleep If Possible.”

As a creative designer, it can become very easy to get so engrossed in your work that you lose track of time and you rarely have up to 3 hours of sleep daily, but to remain productive, Kiitan explains the need for designers to get lots of sleep. He refers to it as “the best way to live a balanced life” 

We know this sounds almost impossible for many. As youths thriving to make a living, the daily schedule has become waking up by 4am, stepping out of the house to work as early as 5am to beat Lagos traffic, and the morning rush at the bus stop as well as to meet up with the 8am resumption time at the office, but this can be well managed when you choose a seamless transport solution like Shuttlers as your daily ride to the office. 

“My Favourite Shuttlers Experience – Times When The Riders Get Engaged In Discussing A Random Topic.”

The ability to make friends, and build lasting relationships on the bus is an experience Kiitan cherishes. This privilege is only privy to people that take Shuttlers to and from work as striking a conversation with a stranger in public transportation can be easily misconstrued. As one that loves football, the trip back home is always a time to cool off as he engages other professionals on his bus on the happenings in the world of football. There’s never any dull moment.

To Professionals Not Using Shuttlers, Kiitan Has A Message For You.

“It’s time to get comfortable, at a very cheap rate.” 

Moving around doesn’t have to be so stressful and expensive. You can choose to enjoy comfort at pocket-friendly prices without having to break the bank.

Riding to work with Shuttlers has been a top highlight of Kiitan’s year because planning his daily transport cost for the month has become easy. He no longer worries himself about redeeming lost time spent in Lagos traffic as he has found it as an opportunity to relax, or catch up with his friends on the bus.

Be like Kiitan, save yourself the stress of driving through Lagos traffic or paying ridiculous fares on transportation. Choose Shuttlers today to enjoy comfort at its best.

Download the app and start using Shuttlers to join the community so that you can meet amazing people like Kiitan on your route.