Humans of Shuttlers: Public Transportation Safety Issues and Solutions - Toluwalope Martins-Leye

Humans of Shuttlers: Public Transportation Safety Issues and Solutions - Toluwalope Martins-Leye

Public transportation is said to be the most cost-effective medium of road transportation, but it comes with its hurdles. Poorly maintained vehicles to intense traffic congestion and prolonged journey time to mention a few, are the reasons why public transportation has become a pain point for the average person.

Over the years, public transportation has threatened the safety and security of many in megacities like Lagos, as unprofessional drivers drive their vehicles, and highways have become plagued by touts that harass people. 

In a recent conversation with our loyal customers who we love to call our community members, we got them to share their experiences, challenges and solutions to public transportation in their city. 

Now, meet Toluwalope, the customer we’re spotlighting this week. She highlights the various safety challenges faced as a commuter and her recommendations for these problems.

Toluwalope Martins-Leye, Auditor

In your opinion, what are the most significant safety challenges facing public transportation in your city?

Transportation in Lagos is no joke. I relocated to Lagos about a year ago and I must say… I’ve been collecting wotowoto. Here are some of the most significant public transportation challenges;

  • Rude and impatient bus drivers (especially those yellow busses) – They are the most unruly, and unprofessional. A large number of them would need to go through driving tests. 
  • Poorly managed vehicles: No matter how safe you choose to drive in Lagos, there would always be at least one vehicle with bad brakes or an unresponsive engine on the road.
  • Bad road network: Poorly maintained roads and low-quality repair materials are major causes of accidents and traffic congestion. Almost all major roads have gone bad in need of immediate repair for the safe passage of citizens.
  • Trucks carrying containers: The drivers of these trucks need to be law-abiding. With little or no driving experience, they hit the road carrying containers that can easily fall off, or their commodities spill over on the road.

How has Shuttlers solved these public transportation challenges?

I’ll testify of the Lord’s goodness when it comes to Shuttlers. They’re the angel I didn’t know I needed until I got introduced to their service by a colleague. I used to think driving was therapeutic until I came to Lagos and it became an extreme sport. 

Here are the Impacts on safety that Shuttlers has contributed to public transportation;

  • reducing the number of vehicles on the road through their bus-sharing model, which in turn reduces traffic congestion. For example, I only get to drive my car during the weekends.
  • They have polite and respectful drivers. Rest assured that your transportation needs are in safe hands.
  • They have the coolest, and most comfortable buses I have ever seen. Trust me, it is impossible to resist falling asleep when you are on a Shuttlers bus. 

What is your idea of a great driver?

A great driver is someone who can defend his license. By this, I mean one that can drive me to and from work in peace. A great driver also should be able to connect with his passengers physically and emotionally.  

He should have at his fingertips at least 3 different routes leading to his destination, and finally, he must be courteous, smart, responsible, and willing to apologize when at fault.

Do you have recommendations for the Shuttlers team?

Sure, I do. In addition to the lovely work of the team, there are a few improvements I think can be done to improve service delivery. 

I’ll also suggest they Invest more in advertising and maybe consider a brand ambassador for a wider reach audience. 

It’s time Shuttlers got their buses branded to avoid police harassment and also create an identity everyone can easily relate with.

Lastly, Invest in getting more buses to your fleet, and explore more time options for your routes.