My Unfortunate Return to Danfo 😣

When one missed shuttle spiraled into an unpredictable danfo adventure, the bustling streets of Lagos offered a commute filled with laughter, frustration, and sardine-like closeness. A tale of urban transit that's both hilarious and all-too-relatable

My Unfortunate Return to Danfo  😣

Sometimes, one missed shuttle can lead to a wild adventure. Enjoy this hilarious and all-too-relatable account of Lana's unplanned return to the world of Lagos buses. Spoiler: Sardines have more space 🙊

Yesterday was the worst experience I ever had, my shuttle was to leave by 5:30pm from Akin Adesola and I just arrived at eko hotel roundabout by 5:29pm, I ran as fast as I could but missed my shuttle regardless. So I had no other choice than to take danfo.

I hadn’t used danfo for nearly 2 months so I didn’t even know what to expect. I boarded the Orile bus at the roundabout and that bus had the worst sitting arrangement, I was literally sardined! It was so bad that I couldn’t even reach into my pocket to pay the conductor.

Come round 2, the conductor started shouting for his money and I was trying to explain that I couldn't reach my pocket, anyhow I sha found a way to perform magic and got the money out. Imagine being sardined, and still going through that Orile traffic from Eko hotel roundabout! My happiness knew no bounds when I finally got off the bus!

Moral of the story: Try dey reach your bus stop fast!

We've all had those rides that either make us laugh, cry, or both. This is just one tale among countless others. Got a commuting story of your own? We want in! Tell us!

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