Humans of Shuttlers: How This Lagos Paralegal Is Improving Her Financial Habits - "The Key Is To Spend Less On Transport"

Humans of Shuttlers: How This Lagos Paralegal Is Improving Her Financial Habits - "The Key Is To Spend Less On Transport"

Beyond helping thousands of professionals move smoother, faster and cheaper in cities, one thing we are actively doing at Shuttlers is building a beautiful community of young, brilliant, highly motivated and vibrant people. 

We’re launching the Humans of Shuttlers series to spotlight some of the great people who make our growing community pop. To pilot this series, we sat down with Tosin Okubadejo, a paralegal who works in Lagos, Nigeria and has been a consistent Shuttlers rider for many years.

Tosin Okubadejo – Paralegal Living & Working In Lagos

“My Favourite Thing About Shuttlers” 

Since hearing about Shuttlers from a colleague years ago, she has never looked back, and there are many reasons for this. Tosin’s favourite thing that has kept her in love with the Shuttlers brand is “the fact it’s very comfortable, and I feel safe”. Talking about safety, it is a fact that women are more prone to safety issues like sexual harassment, robbery and kidnapping onboard public transportation. So it’s easy to see why this is one of Tosin’s favourite things about Shuttlers. 

“Shuttlers Has Improved My Financial Habits”

As a young professional, Tosin values her financial freedom. She recognizes the need to spend her hard-earned money in the best possible way, and this is why she is keen on options that help her spend less on transport. Before Shuttlers, Tosin would expend over 10,000 Naira to and from work daily. Considering that she works fully at the office every day, imagine the gaping hole this must have been drilling in her pockets. Now she boasts of fatter savings because she can now spend less on transport. Way to go!

“My Transport Experiences In Lagos: The Best & The Worst So Far”

Speaking about her worst experience, Tosin had an encounter with “one-chance” operators – an experience she never wants to relive. Her best transport experience, of course, can be summed up into one word “Shuttlers”!Thanks to Shuttlers, Tosin no longer has to face the harsh realities of public transport like insecurity, and she can now spend less on transport, however, she looks forward to a Lagos where there will be no traffic congestion.

“Tosin Has This To Say To Professionals Who Do Not Use Shuttlers”

You are missing!

When Tosin isn’t busy chasing the bag, she spends her time relaxing by reading books, cooking or hanging out with friends.

Download the app and start using Shuttlers to join the community so that you can meet amazing people like Tosin on your route.

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